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An iconic international diva once presented the world with the question, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” in relation to navigating a tumultuous relationship. The answer to that still remains in question. But, if the same question were asked in regards to becoming a media powerhouse, philanthropic humanitarian or culture maven, the unanimous answer would include the name April Love.

A once by-the-book, corporate-ladder climbing professional turned creative industry pioneer, Love went from leading small groups in corporate communications strategy in the boardrooms of companies like The General Mills Company to designing public relations campaigns - among other developmental needs - for the people, places and things that entertainment and lifestyle are made of most. 

This repositioning ushered in clientele including iconic talent from Def Jam, Warner Brothers and Universal records who benefitted from Love’s savvy in the then underserved but burgeoning sector of branding, influencer marketing and media relations.

Fusing knowledge acquired working with paramount public relations purveyors like Ketchum PR and Sawyer Riley Compton, a point of view sharpened as a blogger and freelance writer for industry heavyweights including XXL, The Source and FADER and with social graces and an impactful posture procured as a host and speaker, the Atlanta-based media maven has elevated her platform to introduce “The Ask April Love Show”, a concept that speaks, literally, to her experience in the entertainment sect and the faith that propelled her to survive it all. “In evaluating my career trajectory”, Love begins, “I’ve taken bold steps that have resulted in monumental results in public relations and branding, but something more has always lingered and that’s what birthed this concept.” She continues, “I wish it had been as simple as having an “Aha” moment - I never had that. My circle and colleagues have always prompted me to take a standout position because of my demeanor and the way I fuse lessons with my other black girl magic, but I wasn't willing to go there.  Until now!”


When not in front of cameras and on microphones, April Love assumes the role of producer and director for film, television and other original content, following the blueprint of other esteemed industry colleagues a la Ava DuVernay. “I have learned that I am the designer of my life. God positions me but I have to execute. I believe that we are tasked with doing what we are birthed to do!” And doing, she does well, especially while juggling business and her extreme passion for public service, health education and wellness. A 10-year breast cancer survivor, Love champions such causes as breast cancer prevention, female empowerment and entrepreneurship and celebrates the amalgam of positivity at her annual “Pink in December”celebration of life and love. April Love attended Florida A&M University, Georgia State University and advance studies in advertising at Creative Circus. She is also a certified Health Coach through the New York based Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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